Chapter 1 General

Article 1 (Purpose)This agreement is to set conditions, procedures and requirements in using the service (herein and after
“Service”) according to each article under the related law on Electric Communication Business and Information Network
Use Promotion and Information Protection in the rights and obligations between the member and company and the
conditions of use and procedures in combining the member ID and password into one use.

1. Online service provided by, Inc.
2. Online service provided by Joongang Ilbo
3. Online service provided by Joongang Ilbo Entertainment and Sports
4. All of the contents provided by joint contracts with other companies or developed by the company.

Article 2 (Disclosure, Effect and Amendment of the Terms and Conditions)
① The content of the terms and conditions become effective through disclosing it online or through other methods to the
② In reasonable cases, the company can change the content of the terms and conditions without prior notice.
The company discloses the amended content of the terms and conditions to the Members by the way mentioned in Clause
1 and when there is no further notice, it becomes effective the moment the Member receives notice.
③ If the Member does not agree with the amended User Agreement, he can request to withdraw his membership. When
the Member continues to use the service after the amended agreement is effective, the company regards that the Member
has agreed to the amended Agreement.

Article 3 (Other Regulations)
① Other contents not mentioned in this Agreement follows other related laws and regulations as the Electric
Communication General Law, Electric Communication Business Law and Information Network Use Promotion and
Information Protection
② Company can set the detailed matters for the individual services and the content of the service is disclosed through

Article 4 (Definitions)
The terms used herein shall have the following meanings:
① Member: “Member(s) means those who have agreed to the user agreement and have been issued a user ID and
password entitled to use the information and services.
② Register: “Register” means those who wish to become a member agrees to the user agreement and registered their
information needed in signing up for the service user application, request for service and received acknowledgement of
the company.
③ Member ID(ID): “Member ID” means the English letters, numbers or combination of English letters and numbers chosen
and registered with the Company by Members for purposes of identification and use of services.
④ Password: “Password” means the English letters, numbers or combination of English letters and numbers chosen and
registered with the Company by Members to verify their identity and protect their rights, interests and confidential
⑤ Operator: “Operator” means the person appointed by the Company to be responsible for management and smooth
operation of the services.
⑥ Withdrawal: “Withdrawal” means the Member finishes using the service since the term expired or stop using the service
due to other reasons.
⑦ The company can set individual definition for individual services in separate User Agreement and provisions.

Chapter 2 Service Use Contract

Article 5 (Service Use Contract)
① To subscribe to this service, the Member should read the User Agreement and agree to it. By pressing the “Agree” button
on the screen, it is considered as agreeing to the User Agreement.
② The person who wishes to use the service enters their true personal information in the service application form after
agreeing to the User Agreement and after examining the application and accepting it, the Company can conduct name
verification procedure.
③ Users under age fourteen can use the service after receiving agreement from their legal guardian according to the
company law beside filling out the forms provided by the company.
④ When registering as a corporate member, there may be a verification procedure.
⑤ Company can refuse or cancel membership for the following application, and those who have registered in names other
than their real names have no rights.
1. Those who have applied using other people’s name, social security number and personal information
2. When the content in the service application form is fraudulent
3. Suggesting actions that hurt social order, safety and public moral when using the Service.
4. Disturbing other people in using the service and embezzling information
5. When the person has done something that is prohibited in Electric Communication General Law, Electric
Communication Business Law, Korea Internet Safety Committee, Act on Internet Safety, Program Protection Law and other
related laws.
6. When the person has been refused service by other service-providing companies, or have taken penal responsibility for
the reason stated in Clause 5.
7. When the application form provided by the company is insufficiently filled out.
8. When using the service for commercial purpose or other injudicious purposes.
9. When violating other regulations set by the company.
⑥ For the following reasons, the company can reject the application until the reason is cleared up.
1. When there is no spare room in the service-related equipment.
2. When there is a technical difficulty.

Article 6 (Protection of Personal Information)
① Company should protect and manage the Member’s personal information according to the related laws and take
proper measures and post the personal information protection policy ( and related
laws andthe Company’s personal information protection policy is applied when protecting and using the personal
information. In addition, Company does not take responsibility for the exposed information that is attributed by the
Member.② Company has the right to use the Member’s personal information to provide various information service and
benefits related to internet shopping, online education, community service, job search, membership card, insurance TM
marketing and much more. When Company provides the personal information to the allies, it notices the ally company,
purpose and the content of which personal information it will use to the Members and get consent. If a Member does not
want their personal information to be used or it to be provided to the ally company, the Member can chose not to use the
specific service or that certain event and can refuse at anytime through e-mail and other ways to not use the service.
③ Company can create a collected statistical data using the personal information of the Members in whole or in part
related to their business. When providing the service, the Company can send cookie to the Member’s computers. In this
case, the Members can change their computer browser setting so it can alert receiving cookie or refuse to receive cookie.
④ Members by filling out their personal information in the application form and registering for the service according to the
User Agreement of the Company is regarded as agreeing to provide their information to the company to collect and use it.
⑤ To protect their personal information and managing it, Member can change and delete their personal information as
frequently as they need. When a Member requests to withdraw from agreeing to collect, use and provide their personal
information by letter, phone, e-mail, online documentation, Company should identify whether it is the Member himself
herself or not and unless it is an exceptional case according to the related laws, it should terminate the personal
information or take other actions. When the Company has terminated the personal information with the request to
withdraw from the agreement by the Member, Company should immediately notice this fact to the Member.
⑥ When a Member requests to view or change their personal information by letter, phone, e-mail, online documentation,
Company should identify whether it is the Member himself/herself or not and immediately take appropriate measures.
When a representative visits the Company to view or change the information, Company should check if the person really
is the representative. In this case, Company can request for evidence to the representative.
⑦ Company should destroy the personal information without delay when it achieved the purpose of collecting the
information or achieved the purpose when receiving the personal information. The following are exceptions.
1. When there is a need to protect personal information under Business Law and other related laws and regulation.
2. When they have noticed the duration period to the users or have receive agreement from the users individually.
3. When it has not exceeded thirty days since the member withdrew his membership.

Chapter 3 Obligation of the contract parties

Article 7 (Obligation of the Company)
① Company should continuously work hard to provide and maintain stable service promised in the user agreement
and when there is difficulty with the system, it will do its best to restore the difficulty. However, in inevitable situations as
natural disasters and state of emergency, the company can temporarily stop providing the service.
② Company does not distribute or disclose the personal information of the Members acquired by providing service
without the consent of the Member to a third party. However, the following are exceptions.
1. When there is a request from government organizations based on other laws or regulations such as Electric
Communication General Law.
2. When there is purpose to investigate a crime or there is request from the Korea Internet Safety Commission or other
procedures set by related laws.
③ Company should immediately take care of the complaints and opinions raised by the Members if they are reasonable.
But, if immediate measures are difficult, then the Company should advise the reason and further schedule to the Member.

Article 8 (Member Obligations)
① Members have the obligation to manage their own member ID and password and any results that occur due to the
imputation of the member user, the responsibility is attributed to the member. At any time a member acknowledges that
a third person is using his or her member ID, the member concerning this incident should immediately report to the
company and should follow the guidelines it will provide.
② When using the service, members should not take the following actions.
1. Illegally using other member’s ID, password and social security number.
2. Using the information acquired through the service provided by the company for the purpose besides personal service
as coping, publishing, broadcasting the information or providing it to a third party.
3. Violating the right or copyright of the company or others.
4. Distributing documents, writings or figures that violate the public order or public morals or induce information network
5. Actions that are directly or indirectly linked to crimes.
6. Other actions that violate any other laws.
7. Using false information when registering as a member or changing the account information.
8. Misrepresent oneself as the manager, employee, staff or person related to the company.
9. Harvest or otherwise collect information about users, including email addresses, without their consent.
③ Member cannot use the service to perform commercial activities without prior approval of the company and the
company does not take responsibility for the commercial activity results or any commercial activities that violate the
User Agreement. If the company experience any loss due to such commercial activity of a Member, the Member should
compensate the loss to the Company.
④ Member cannot transfer or give its right of service and other status stated in the user contract without the consent of
the company.
⑤ Member can access to their personal information at any given time and make revisions. When there is any change
from the registration period, Member should immediately change the information online or through other methods and
the Company does not take responsibility for problems that arise for not doing so.

Chapter 4 Service

Article 9 (Range of Service)
Members can use the member ID issued when registering as a member to use the service.

Article 10 (Providing Information) Company can provide information which it thinks the member must know related to change in business policy or when
using the services through posting a notice or sending e-mail.

Article 11 (Fee charged for information)
Basically, the service provided by the company is free of charge. But, for paid information and services, members should
pay the stated fee to use the service.

Article 12 (Charged Information and Charged Value Added Service)
For the user to use the charged information and charged value added services, they must provide the following purchasing
information by phone or online.
① Name of payer
② Resident ID Number
③ Address to receive receipt
④ Method of payment and details
⑤ Phone Number

Article 13 (Posting material and using the community of Members)
Company can operate various community services and bulletin boards for Members to share their idea and express their
thoughts. Company can delete the posted material or restrict the use of the community and bulletin board of certain
members when the posted material is one of the following.

① Blaming and seriously intriguing a third member and damaging their reputation
② Distributing or making a link with contents that violate public order and public morals
③ Acknowledged to be linked with crime
④ Violate copyrights and rights of the Company and other individuals
⑤ Exceeded the posting period set by the company
⑥ Linking to the Member’s Web site or bulletin board
⑦ Posting material that does not coincide with the characteristics of the bulletin board
⑧ When judged to have violated other related laws

Article 14 (Copyright)
The rights of the material related to the service are the following.
① The right and obligation of the posted material accrues to the person who posted the material. However, the company
has the right to post the material within the service and has the right to process and edit the material created using the
Joins service and regards that the member has agreed to this when posting the material.
② Members can not use the material posted through the service commercially as by processing it and editing it.

Article 15 (Service Period)
① Unless there is difficulty with the business of the company or technical difficulties, service is provided 24 hours a day
throughout the year.
② When the company wishes to stop the service due to unavoidable situations or regular maintenance, it should give
notice of the purpose of the stoppage of service and the period.

Article 16 (Responsibility for using the service)
Member cannot use the service for any kind of commercial activity and especially cannot engage in ot hacking,
advertisements for earning money, commercial activities using pornography sites, distributing licensed software unless
approved officially through documents by the company. Member is responsible in violations for the resulting loss, legal
measures and other responsibilities.

Article 17 (Service Suspension)
① For the following cases, Company can suspend the service.
1. Unavoidable situation such as repairing the service facilities.
2. When Communication Company listed in the Electric Communication Business Law has suspended Electronic
Communication Service.
3. Other reasons involving forces beyond control
② Company can limit the service in whole or in part or even restrict the use of Service when there are forces beyond
control as national emergency, blackout, difficulty in service equipment, congestion of users. The company does not hold
responsibility for the deleted, unsent, or any loss of information and data.
③ When Company limits or restricts the use of Service due to Clause 1 or Clause 2, it notices the reason and period in
beforehand to the Members if possible.
④ When Members violated the User Agreement, the Company can restrict the use of Service without any prior notice.
In this case, Company can limit the access of the certain member, Member ID and can delete all or part of the material
posted by the Member. When a Member has not used the service for over three months, Company can limit the service
by sending a notice e-mail and posting a notice one week in advance.
⑤ When Company feels the need to change or delete the ID or other information due to the initial Member ID, information
use rate, purpose of the service and other reasons, Company can advice to the member to change it. When the member
does not object, Company can change or delete the aforementioned content freely.

Chapter 5 Termination of Use Contract and Limitation of Use

Article 18 (Termination of Use Contract)
① When a member wishes to terminate the Use Contract, the member must register to terminate the use by on-line or
through other ways to the company.
② The Company may terminate the Use Contract in the event of occurrence or verification of the following without prior
notice or prohibit service for a certain period.
1. Using other member’s Member ID and password illegally
2. Obstruction of the service procedure on purpose
3. Providing names other than one’s real name in the application form
4. When one Member registers twice with a different ID.
5. Distributing contents on purpose that hurt the public order and public moral
6. When the Member uses the service or plans to use with the purpose to damage the national interest or social public
7. Damaging other’s reputation or giving disadvantage
8. Sending advertisement information contrary to the intention of the other members.
9. Distributing computer virus programs that can damage, destroy or change the communication equipments or
10. Violating the intellectual property right of the company or other people.
11. Requested to delete the material by outside organizations as Korea Internet Safety Commission or received
authoritative interpretation by the National Election Commission for illegal election campaign.
12. Using other member’s personal information, Member ID and password wrongly.
13.Distribute of copy the information obtained through the company service or use it commercially without the approval
of the company
14. Posting lewd content on the member’s bulletin board or posting a link connecting to a Web site with contents that
harm public morals.
15. Violating the content within the User Agreement and other user agreements set by the company.

Chapter 6 Compensation for Damage and others

Article 19 (Compensation for Damage)
The company does not take any responsibility for the damage of the members occurred using the service provided by
free unless the accident was intentionally done by the company or resulted from a major fault of the company.
Article 20 (Exemption Clause)
① When the company cannot provide the service due to natural disaster or any similar incident, the company does not
take responsibility for not providing the service.
② Company does not take responsibility of the service failure that resulted from the responsibility of the member.
③ There can be inaccurate or error in printing within the information, software and products included in the service
provided by the company. The company does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the information.
④ Company does not take any responsibility of the content provided through the service or through consultation.
The company also does not take responsibility for losing the expected return by using the service. Therefore, when a
member plans to make a law, medical or other financial decision, they should always consult with an expert beforehand.
⑤ Company does not take responsibility for the reliability and accuracy of the information, data and facts posted by other
⑥ Company does not have the obligation to take part in a dispute between members or member and a third company
regarding the service and does not have the responsibility to compensate for the loss.

Chapter 7 Special Treaty for Children

Article 21 (Collecting Children’s Information)
① When the Company wishes to collect the personal information of the users under age 14 or wants to provide the
information to a third party or use the information exceeding the range stated in the service user agreement, the company
should receive consent from the legal representative of the child.
② To receive consent regarding Clause 1, Company can request minimum information of the legal representative as name
and contact address. In this case, the Company should request the information to the child in easy language so the child
can understand it without difficulty.
1. Purpose of collecting and using the personal information
2. Why the consent of legal representative is needed.
③ Company does not use the legal representative’s personal information obtained by Clause 2 for other purposes other
than receiving consent from the legal representative and does not provide to third party.
④ Company does reasonable effort to confirm whether the user is under age 14.

Article 22 (Notification to the Legal Representative and Method of Consent)
① When the Company wishes to receive consent from the legal representative according to Article 21.1, it should notify the
following to the legal representative.
1. When the company collects the child’s personal information
2. When it provides the personal information to a third party or uses it exceeding the range notifies in Article 6. ②.
② Notifying under Clause 1 observes the following methods.
1. Telephone, Fax or Mail
2. Request the child to print the notification on the Web site and present it to the legal representative
3. Send e-mail to the legal representative with the hyperlink so he or she can see the personal information protection
policy on the Web site.
4. Other reasonable ways for the notification to be delivered effectively to the legal representative.
③ Consent to Clause 1 should be by one of the following ways.
1. Using the e-mail that has been electronically signed by the legal representative.
2. Legal representative signing directly on the document provided by mail or by downloading the form on the Web site and
sending the document to the service provided by mail or fax.
3. Other reasonable ways to confirm that the legal representative has truly consented to the fact
Article 23 (Obligations of the Legal Representative)
① Legal representative can withdraw their consent of Article 21. ① and can request to view and change the error the child
has provided.
② Article 6. ⑧ applies by Clause 1 for the legal representative’s request to view and change the error in the information
and to withdraw the consent. In this case, the “Legal Representative” is the “User.”

Chapter 8 Others

Article 24 (Grievance)
The Company collects opinions from the Members related to personal information through phone, letter, e-mail
and Web site and handles their complaints.

Article 25 (Resolving dispute and Competent Court)
① When a dispute arises regarding the personal information, the Company and the Member can request dispute
settlement to the Korean Information Security Agency.

② When there is a law suit while using the service, the competent court will be in the court that competences the
headquarter of the company.