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Japanese Tourists Gather in Southwestern Region

Sept 08,1998
The southwestern part of Korea, regarded as the origin of ancient Japanese culture, now attracts Japanese tourists.
According to tourism business circles on September 6, Kyushu Tourists Railroad Co., a major Japanese tour company, has begun to sell a three day package tour program which covers Chungchong and Cholla province. These regions were the territory of the Paekche Kingdom(18 B.C.-A.D.660), which delivered its civilized culture including Chinese character to the then uncivilized Japan.
Yoshitaka Ishii, president of this company said, 'Korea has similar natural conditions, cultural relics, and even foods to those of Japan. Especially this region has a big potential because until now Japanese tourists visited mainly Seoul, Pusan, or Kyungju.'
'I will do my best to promote this tour program in Japan, and I hope Korea will invest more in improving accommodation and traffic facilities in this region.' he added.
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