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Poll Conducted for April General Election - Seoul

Mar 02,2000
In Seoul there are 45 seats available in the National Assembly for the upcoming general election on April 13. This number makes up 19.8 percent of the 227 seats nationwide.

A poll conducted by JoongAng Ilbo on February 24 reports that 27.8% of Seoulites are going to vote for the governing Millennium Democratic Party (MDL), 24.5% for the opposition Grand National Party (GNP), 2.5% for the United Liberal Democrats (ULD), 1.3% for the Democratic Labor Party, 0.7% for the New Korean Party for Hope, and 10.1% for independents. There is only a 3.3 percent separating the governing party and the opposition. The Democratic People's Party (DPP) has yet to elect a candidate. However, when they do, the governing party will have 26.2% of voters'support, the opposition 22.5%, the ULD 2.5%, the DPP 4.8%, and independents 12.4%.

Interestingly, the DPP is getting more support than the ULD. This poll was conducted from February 21 to 24. 10,161 people in Seoul were asked the question, "Which party do you support in the coming April general election?"

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