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2018.4.24 Hotel Events

Apr 24,2018
Millennium Seoul Hilton

: Cilantro Deli, Millennium Seoul Hilton’s delicatessen, is launching a new menu of sandwiches and salads, ideal for eating on the go or picnicking along the beautiful Mount Namsan.

Some of the new menu items include: Milton BLT wrap (9,000 won [$8.47]); pork belly and vegetable wrap (8,000 won); smoked duck and mango relish wrap (9,000 won); Korean-style bulgogi (grilled marinated meat) steak sandwich (8,000 won); shrimp and avocado salad (10,000 won); creamy chicken and mushroom salad (10,000 won); and so much more.

Millennium Seoul Hilton: (02) 317-3000

Namdaemunro 5-ga, central Seoul


Park Hyatt Busan

: Park Hyatt Busan’s Living Room proudly presents “Claude Monet” weekday lunch dessert buffet. As a French restaurant, Living Room aims to introduce diverse French culture beyond just simply serving French style dishes. Earlier this year, the restaurant incorporated the French movie “Midnight in Paris” as a theme during its lunch buffet, and now it will introduce French art with a Claude Monet theme. The desserts are inspired by the artwork of French impressionist painter Claude Monet. In addition, desserts will be served on frames similar to ones that surround Monet’s paintings.

The weekday lunch dessert is basically a three-course meal: an appetizer, a main dish and the dessert buffet comprised of citrus macaroons, lemon tarts, eclairs, galettes and more. Cupcakes and butter cream tubes, which resemble tubes of paint, are prepared so that guests can enjoy decorating the cupcakes themselves. It adds to the fun for guests who get the chance to paint designs on their treats. Guests can choose an appetizer and a main dish according to their tastes. Park Hyatt Busan’s premium coffee, decaffeinated coffee or tea is served as well.

Besides the basic three-course, a four-course menu including pasta, another four-course menu with sparkling wine and a kid’s plate for those aged from six to 11 are available.

Park Hyatt Busan: (051) 990-1234

51, Marine City 1-ro, Haeundae District


InterContinental Seoul COEX

To April 30
: Asian Live, located on the second floor of InterContinental Seoul COEX, offers a special promotion in celebration of the first anniversary of its reopening. The special set menu consists of Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Arab dishes, all in a single course.

The special set menu is a seven-course meal consisting of a special bulgogi salad (Korean), falafel and tahini (Arab), assorted sashimi (Japanese), braised sea cucumber stuffed with minced shrimp (Chinese), tandoori lamb chops (Indian), a main course and dessert. Visitors may choose from the five cuisines for the main course: Malabar seafood curry, the chef’s special sushi, bulgogi and doenjang jjigae (fermented soybean paste stew), lamb kabsa, X.O. sauce crab meat fried rice.

InterContinental Seoul COEX: (02) 3430-8888

Bongeunsa-ro 524, southern Seoul


Park Hyatt Seoul

To June 5
: Park Hyatt Seoul’s The Lounge presents The Ark of Taste, a special dinner focusing on a global project of preserving valuable specialties and cultural cuisines at risk of being forgotten. Park Hyatt Seoul has chosen five ingredients registered on The Ark of Taste - Jeju green soybeans (doenjang, ganjang [soy sauce]), traditional Jeju pork, blue abalone, agar-agar weed and pheasant yeot (taffy containing pheasant broth) - to create this high-quality dinner menu. Starting today, this exclusive coursed menu can be enjoyed for dinner every day from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m., and is priced at 90,000 won including tax. No service charges applies.

The Ark of Taste is a worldwide campaign that began in 1996 by Italy’s Slow Food Foundation, which identifies traditional ingredients and heritage cuisine, helping regional agricultures by drawing attention to the risks of extinction. Out of 4,748 items, Korea has a total of 93 foods such as Jeju green soybean, Jinju anjeunbaengi (wheat native to Jinju, South Gyeongsang) wheat cannelloni, Ulleung chick-so (cattle from Ulleung Island) beef, red potatoes, gamhongno (traditional Korean light-pink liquor), Hongseong patjang (type of fermented bean paste from Hongseong, South Chungcheong) and so on. In Jeju, green soybean, agar-agar, blue abalone, bundle, traditional pork and daengyuji (Korean citrus fruit) were presented through The Ark of Taste promotion.

As an appetizer, geladium jelly will be served. Geladium jelly is made of agar-agar and soft bundle leaves with cheonhyehyang (citrus fruit from Jeju Island) dressing. The next dish is cooked blue abalone that matches perfectly with espuma, citrus and sesame sauces. Before guests start their main dishes, Jeju’s pheasant yeot will be served, which is made traditionally with natural ingredients. Also, pine needle-flavoured tea, granitta, will be provided to refresh their palates. The main dish is traditional roasted pork, which tastes plain due to the margination of green soybean sauce and being cooked for a long time at a low temperature. Moreover, The Lounge presents nutritious rice, daengyuji, bracken jangajji (pickled vegetables) salad and green soybean soup to stimulate the appetite. Green soybeans are fermented native bean seeds from Jeju that create a soft and sweet taste. For dessert, Itakuja ripened chocolate cream with green soybean espuma and black pepper vanilla ice-cream are provided.

Park Hyatt Seoul: (02) 2016-1100

606 Teheran-ro, southern Seoul


Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel

To June 30
: Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel presents the Romantic Proposal package with which you can finally propose to that special someone. The Romantic Proposal package includes a one-night stay in an executive suite, with its breathtaking view of Songdo. For the proposal event, a dinner course for two at the Italian restaurant BENE along with a bottle of wine will be ready. For guests staying at the ambassador suite, an exclusive dinner course and a bottle of wine will be brought directly to the room.

Benefits at the club lounge including evening cocktails, breakfast and free access to the Sheraton fitness and indoor swimming pool.

Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel: (032) 835-1000

153 Convensia-ro, Incheon


Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel

To Dec. 31
: Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel’s Feast presents a catering service tailored for children called “Kids To Go” for parents planning a birthday or a kid’s party at their child’s school.

The hotel’s chefs have created and prepared a special catering menu suited for 10 children. You can choose three cold dishes, three hot dishes and one dessert from 20 selections. Available items include cajun chicken salad, gimbap (seaweed rice roll), rice ball, three kinds of sandwiches, fruit salad, fried shrimp, sweet and sour chicken, tteok galbi (Korean short rib patties), fried rice, pork cutlet, margherita pizza, seasonal fruit, mini cakes and more. Each item is neatly packed in a take-out box to pick up at the hotel.

The price is 160,000 won including tax. With an additional charge, you can also order extra. It can also be delivered to party venues outside of the hotel if they are close to the hotel. Reservations for the package should be made three days in advance.

Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel: (02) 2211-2100

662 Gyeongin-ro, western Seoul

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