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‘Kye-ryong Fairy’ starts airing on Nov. 5

Sept 07,2018
The first air date for “Kye-ryong Fairy” (working title) was revealed to be Nov. 5 on Thursday, according to tvN.

“Kye-ryong Fairy” started out as a Naver Webtoon and has now been adapted into a drama.

Lead character Seon Ok-nam will be played by actor Moon Chae-won. She will be playing a fairy who has lived for 699 years. Working as a barista, she meets Jeong I-hyeon, played by actor Yoon Hyun-min, and Kim Gum, played by actor Seo Ji-hoon.

The story revolves around Seon waiting for her husband to be reborn into the world.

Problems start to arise when she realizes that she does not recognize her husband, but believes that he is either Jeong or Kim.

The series is set to air on tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. The lead writer is Yoo Gyung-sun, the original writer of the webtoon series.

All episodes will be filmed before the first episode is aired.

By Jeong Ju-won
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