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Korea Ranks 30th in UN HD Index

Sept 09,1998
Korea ranked 30th in the Human Development Index (HDI) that the UNDP (United Nation Development Plan) announces every year. HDI is a composite index by which the UNDP evaluates the standard of living by country by comparing countries' life expectancy, educational level, GDP per capita and other factors. UNDP will formally announce these '98 indexes' on September 9.
Korea recorded 30th at 0.894, two places higher than in 1997. In Asia, Japan ranked 8th (0.940), Hong Kong 25th (0.909) and Singapore 28th (0.896). North Korea recorded 75th (0.766), the same rank as last year and China ranked 106th (0.650) from 108th last year.
The first was Canada (0.960), the top ranked country for five successive years, followed by France (2nd), Norway (3rd), the US (4th) and Iceland (5th).