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Autumn: The Season of Theater

Sept 11,1998
The Korean theater scene is attracting audiences with discounted tickets, making for a very exciting autumn. In Taehakro (central part of Seoul), the Seoul International Drama Festival is being held. 'Jinjin's Love' (September 26) and 'The Choice' (October 5) will be run free of charge on the outdoor theater in Marronnier Park, Taehakro. Additionally, so called 'Seoul Tickets' are being sold through which audiences can enjoy plays for discounted price 7,000 won. The normal price is 12,000 won.
The number of remaining 'Seoul Tickets' is over 10,000, while they were sold out at this point last year. This is due to insufficient publicity. The tickets are available at ticket booths around Marronnier Park. In addition to this, 44 cafes and restaurants provide services at a 10% discount price to visitors who have this ticket. In the case of Kwachon World Field Play Festival, all the plays except for Dongchun Circus will be performed free of charge.