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Controversy Over File released by United States

Mar 02,2000
The Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) and the Grand National Party (GNP) exchanged words after the release of a controversial file by the American embassy regarding the upcoming national election.
Chung Dong-young, spokesman for the MDP, said on March 1, "There is a report anticipating the MDP's supremacy in the following election," He went on to say,"Eligible voters are looking forward to political stability and the MDP is offering economic prosperity and the stabilization of South Korea."
Another source in the MDP added that, "It is generally acknowledged that Chung cited a report from the American embassy concerning the April 13 national elections."
However,the GNP and the United Liberal Democrats(ULD) argued, "The MDP may very well be seeking to dominate Korean politics through self-serving means, with the help of the United States."
Hong Sa-duk, campaign chairman of the GNP, claimed that, "It is not protocol for an ambassador to inform a certain political party of the contents of its files."
The ULD further denounced the MDP, saying, "It is a serious case of meddling if the U.S. knowingly leaked the information. Nonetheless, this is information that may not help the MDP."
There is increasing speculation surrounding the U.S. embassy's decision to make the file.
One source said, "The American embassy makes a report on South Korean politics once a week."
The source also mentioned that, "A man with an initial J, a second-generation Korean-American, is in charge of writing reports at the Department of Affairs at the American embassy.