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Prosecutors Summon Choi Yeol, Head of Citizens" Alliance

Mar 02,2000
Trouble between the Citizens' Alliance for the 2000 General Election and the prosecution is expected after prosecutors declared their intention to take legal action over allegations that the Citizens' Alliance has violated the election law. The coalition of civil organizations has conducted signature-collecting campaigns for the removal of certain politicians from the electoral ticket, even displaying the names of targeted candidates on placards in demonstrations.
The Citizens' Alliance dubbed March 1 'Voters' Independence Declaration Day', and earlier assembled at ten national locations to give public readings of "voters' independence declaration statements" first made by 33 representatives of various citizens' groups in a demonstration at Seoul Pagoda Park.
Meanwhile, National Security Department 1 of the Seoul district prosecutor's office headed by the chief public prosecutor, Park Man, decided to summon Choi Yeol, joint representative of the Citizens' Alliance on March 3 to investigate its signature-collecting activities in downtown Seoul on February 25 and 26. He was referred to the prosecution by the Central Election Management Committee.

by Kim Sang-woo, Ha Jae