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Smart banker chooses to serve her country

Feb 05,2007
Kim Nan-hui
A prominent female banker has passed the test to enter the military academy. The Students’ Central Military School announced that Kim Nan-hui topped the list of 190 women who have been accepted for 2007.
Ms. Kim, who was working for the private banking department at Woori Bank, scored 953 out of a possible 1030 points. Only one out of five applicants was accepted by the school. Ms. Kim studied business administration at Yonsei University and joined Woori Bank after graduation, but she wanted to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a soldier and applied to the school.
Ms. Kim was a promising banker, earning tax accountant and investment advisor licenses while working at the bank, as well as writing two books, “Theory and Application of Value Added Tax” and “Cramming the Real Estate Agent Test.”
However, Ms. Kim could not give up her dream. She has wanted to become a soldier since she was young, but circumstances drove her to continue her studies at a civilian university and to enter the corporate world after graduation. Ms. Kim said that she could never get rid of the word “soldier” from her memory. She decided to pursue her dream after she was encouraged by a pastor at the church she attends. She said that her parents did not object either. Ms. Kim earned 42 million won ($44,680) per year at Woori Bank but as a second lieutenant her salary will decrease by half, to 20 million won. She said that is fine as long as she can do what she wants to do.
“I realized I had analytical skills while handling fund instruments and applied for the intelligence branch,” Ms. Kim said. “I want to be the finest soldier and serve the country.”
There was another interesting applicant. A discharged female lieutenant applied again to become a second lieutenant. Park Seon-ui, who was made an officer in 2003 and dismissed in July 2006 was accepted to the school. She worked at a military hospital during her three years of mandatory service but was denied the opportunity to prolong her commission.
“My heart pounded whenever I saw a person in uniform on the streets,” said Ms. Park. “I am happy to serve again as an officer.”

By Kim Min-seok JoongAng Ilbo [jbiz91@joongang.co.kr]