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Building bucket lists in ‘Dynamic Busan’

June 16,2015
Barun Sarkar(Regional Director of WinK Busan)
"Dynamic Busan," a fitting slogan for a city that has it all - sprawling beaches, mountains erupting from the midst of the city, countless and growing offerings of ultra-modern architectural marvels and plenty of festivals and cultural focal points to keep you discovering new and exciting things every month.

Dynamic Busan, the news source for everything Busan, brings not only tourists but also residents - both expats and Koreans - a concise resource covering just almost everything that is happening in the second largest city in South Korea.

From fun events, such as free kayaking, outdoor movie screenings and the opening of the newest and greatest landmarks and hotspots, to informative public service announcements of city facilities and features on local foreign community issues, you’ll find it within the pages of their biweekly issues.

As a tour guide and a travel veteran in Korea for nearly six years, I do my best to know the ins and outs and wheres and whens of the best things to do across the peninsula. The first time I picked up a copy of Dynamic Busan, I remember smugly doubting how much information could be in the paper that I didn’t already know about. That smirk quickly turned to raised eyebrows, nodding and mutterings of "Whoa, I had no idea," as I was pleasantly surprised by how much was happening in the city that I hadn’t known about. When I enthusiastically shared the paper with friends, both Koreans and expats alike were amazed by all the great events going on that they just hadn’t heard of.

Luckily, all the paper’s goodies are also featured on not only their comprehensive all-English website (dynamic.busan.go.kr) but also their very active Facebook page, which pushes all must-know Busan highlights right to the top of subscribers’ newsfeeds.

This has paved a path for an excited and growing international fan base looking to plan a trip to Busan for their next vacation.

So, whether Busan is your hometown, second home or a vacation destination, Dynamic Busan is just a quick click or page turn away with all the insider tips you’ll need to build your Busan bucket list.

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