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Purchases made online with phones hit record in July

Sept 06,2018
Purchases made using the internet and mobile devices in Korea reached an all-time high in July, government data showed Wednesday, demonstrating the popularity of smartphones, fast delivery and convenient payment options offered to local shoppers.

The total value of transactions made with computers, smartphones and tablets reached a record 9.45 trillion won ($8.45 billion) in July, up 22.7 percent, or 1.75 trillion won, from a year earlier, according to the data from Statistics Korea.

The sharp rise was attributed to increased demand for electronics, leisure goods, daily necessities and food amid sweltering weather and the vacation season, the agency said.

The total value of mobile transactions soared 33.5 percent to a record 5.92 trillion won, accounting for a record 62.6 percent of all online purchases in July.

Mobile purchases in Korea have been on the rise for years as devices expand their presence in the world’s most wired country and rapidly replace computers as the means of conducting online transactions.