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Fuji Xerox offers documents the Fort Knox treatment

Jan 24,2019
In the 21st century, even printers need security features.

Fuji Xerox released a lineup of multifunction printers on Tuesday with enhanced security to protect documents that pass though machines.

Its 14 types of multifunction printers from its ApeosPort-VII and DocuCentre-VII lineups contain a security chip that decrypts passwords used for locking documents. Each machine can also be set up in a way so that even printers in the same company can block access from other divisions and teams.

Upgrades to the new releases include better connection to smartphones, meaning users can directly send documents to the machine to print, scan or fax.

Fuji Xerox runs a cloud service that enables people to print documents from a distance and also print files that are on platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote.

“A multifunction printer is the gateway to exchanging important documents,” said Kim Hyun-gon, a senior executive at Fuji Xerox. “The new lineup ensures a safe working environment with enhanced security for both software and hardware.”

By Song Kyoung-son