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[NOODLE] Noodles that are perfect just the way they are

Feb 01,2019

Hours of operation
11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Address of main restaurant
27, Nonhyeon-ro, Seocho District, Seoul

Before this chain was started in 1985, the owner used to cook for Kim Young-sam when he was president. So the nickname given its specialty is “Blue House” kalguksu (knife-cut noodles). Actually, the main dish is guksi (beef bone marrow), a specialty of Andong, and the broth is so meaty and richly sweet it should be appreciated with no condiments - and none are present on any table.

It also has 15 branches in Seoul, Bundang District, Ilsan and Hanam in Gyeonggi.

BY Anthony Spaeth