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Hyosung to invest big in a carbon-fiber facility

Feb 12,2019
Hyosung Advanced Materials will invest 46.8 billion won ($41.63 million) in carbon-fiber manufacturing at Hyundai Motor’s Jeonju factory, one of the world largest commercial vehicle production facilities, located in North Jeolla Province. The new facility is to be completed by 2020.

The investment is in preparation for the rise in demand of carbon fiber, which is used to lighten eco-friendly cars fueled by hydrogen or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). When used as the core component of CNG high-pressure vessels, carbon fiber is 10 times stronger than steel, minimizing the danger of explosion, and is one-fourth the weight.

As it can be a substitute for steel, it is the cutting-edge material for the wind-power industry, aviation and even sports products.

By Kim He-yu