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Dive into Jung Il-sung’s films at BIFF

Aug 24,2019
The 24th Busan International Film Festival’s Korean Cinema Retrospective section selected cinematographer Jung Il-sung as their protagonist for this year’s program, the event organizers announced on Thursday.

Jung debuted as a filmmaker through “Farewell Sorrow!” (1957) and received praise for building up his own grotesque cinematic universe through his unique portrayal of scenes and usage of colors and angles in “Woman of Fire” (1971).

His film “Mandara” (1981) was the first Korean movie to be invited to the Panorama section of the Berlin International Film Festival in 1982.

In this year’s section, seven of Jung’s representative works - “Woman of Fire” (1971), “Son of a Man” (1980), “The Last Witness” (1980), “Mandara” (1981), “Late Autumn” (1981), “Hwang Jin-yi” (1986) and “Born to Kill” (1996) - will be screened during the festival, which lasts from Oct. 3 to 12.

The annual section takes time to look back at the local cinema industry by singling out a filmmaker who has made a significant contribution to the industry through their camera works.

By Lee Jae-lim