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LS Cable & System releases superconducting cables

Nov 06,2019
LS Cable & System said Tuesday it has become the first company in the world to commercialize superconducting cables.

Though five companies in Europe, Japan and the United States including LS Cable have the technology, Korea is the first country to successfully commercialize it, according to the company.

The superconducting cables can transmit five to 10 times the electrical power of existing copper cables thanks to the lower voltage from “superconductivity,” a phenomenon where electrical resistance drops to zero at an extremely cold temperature.

As the new cables, commercialized with Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco), do not require a transformer, space required could be reduced to one-tenth of the current level. Not only can that cut installation costs for substations and operation fees, but can also help solve opposition to controversial power facilities in urban areas and create space in substations.

“Commercialization of superconducting cables will change the paradigm of the electricity industry, which has been dominated by European and Japanese companies,” said Myung Roe-hyun, president and CEO of LS Cable & System.

By Kim Byung-wook