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Able C&C opens first Missha store in central Baghdad

Dec 05,2019
Able C&C last week opened the first branch of its Missha cosmetics brand store in Iraq in Baghdad’s Zayoona Mall.

Missha is the first Korea cosmetics brand to open a store in Iraq.

“The cosmetics market in Iraq is in the initial phase, and there isn’t yet a brand that is leading the market,” said a spokesperson for Able C&C in a statement on Wednesday.

“Having launched the store inside a key shopping mall, we take an advantageous position in the market.”

Missha will focus on offering BB cream and high quality skincare products due to the high temperature and high level of fine dust in the country.

“We plan to become a leader in the Iraq market through the continuous introduction of high quality skin care products like the purple-colored ample or sweet wormwood essence,” said a spokesperson for Able C&C, adding that it has developed various colors of BB cream targeting the Middle Eastern market.

By Jin Min-ji