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Ryu Jun-yeol helps to save animals

Jan 22,2020
Actor Ryu Jun-yeol donated to Greenpeace to help out the wildlife endangered in the ongoing wildfires in Australia, his agency C-JeS Entertainment and Greenpeace Korea office in Seoul announced Tuesday.

“At this moment in Australia, the wildfires have ravaged through landmass bigger than the size of Korea, and more than 1 billion koalas and kangaroos have lost their lives,” Ryu wrote on his Instagram account on Tuesday.

“And the trouble is not only in Australia, but also in the Amazon and California. It is time for us to act to fight climate change.”

Ryu is said to have supported Greenpeace since 2016. He starred in the popular TV series “Reply 1988” (2015) and more recently in the film “Believer” (2018).

By Esther Chung