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K-pop star’s phone number leaked

Feb 10,2020
Boy band Super Junior’s Leeteuk said his personal phone number has been leaked to strangers and asked people to respect his privacy.

Leeteuk was running a live broadcast on Instagram Friday upon his arrival in Osaka, Japan, for a tour, when he abruptly ended the broadcast.

Recommencing it a while after, Leeteuk said that he is receiving calls from a number he does not know and asked the caller to stop harassing him.

He added that a fan told him that there is someone out there who is leaking his private phone number to certain fans in order to make a profit.

“Is it nice to know my number without my consent?” Leeteuk asked during the live broadcast.

Earlier last week in an online community, a user posted screen captures of messages allegedly exchanged with Leeteuk. The user alleged that Leeteuk messaged first in asking about some of the newest car models and offered to go for a ride together.

Fans of Super Junior had raised the possibility that Leeteuk’s account may have been hacked.

By Esther Chung