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Graphics company is found guilty

Feb 11,2020

The Seoul High Court upheld a previous court ruling on SBS drama series “Imjin War 1592” (2016) and said that the series’ computer graphics company copied designs from the movie “The Admiral: Roaring Currents” (2014).

The computer graphics company was initially hired by the film company in 2011 to work on computer-processed designs for certain scenes involving Japanese warships. The ships’ basic designs were provided by the film company to the graphics company.

The graphics company then was hired by a producer from the drama series in 2015. It was accused by the film company of using the unique designs for Japanese warships that the film company had created.

The initial ruling found the accusation to be true. The Seoul High Court upheld this ruling on Monday.

The computer graphics company has to pay the film company 200 million won ($168,000) in compensation.

By Esther Chung