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Hyundai Sonata delayed due to quality issues

Mar 26,2019
Hyundai Motor is delaying deliveries of its new Sonata sedan released last week due to quality issues.

On Monday, a press officer for the automaker said the company is currently conducting quality inspections on the new model surrounding the amount of noise and vibrations it produces, and its drive harshness, resulting in delivery delays.

He added that the issues are unrelated to safety and that the delay is expected to be resolved “soon.”

“We cannot give the exact delivery schedule, but the delivery won’t be delayed for as long as a month from our original schedule,” the press officer for Hyundai said. “The process is to assure better quality of our cars.”

Normally Hyundai would start delivering new cars right after the launch event, so the first batch of customers would have their vehicles on the road within a week after the launch.

This is not the first time Hyundai has delayed delivery due to quality issues. In 2015, the automaker postponed delivery of its luxury EQ900 sedan for roughly two weeks for a similar reason.

Hyundai’s popular midsize sedan was launched in two versions - a 2.0-liter gasoline version and a 2.0-liter liquefied petroleum gas version - on March 21. During the launch event, the carmaker said it had reduced noise in the new model by reinforcing sound absorbing and insulating material.

The eighth-generation Sonata picked up more than 12,000 pre-orders over the 10-day presales period.

BY CHAE YUN-HWAN, KIM JEE-HEE [chae.yunhwan@joongang.co.kr]