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‘Money’ sells to theaters overseas

Mar 27,2019
Following the success of “Money” at the domestic box office, the crime film is now ready for an international release.

The film’s distributor Showbox announced Tuesday that the movie, which was released on March 20 in Korea, has been sold to 13 different regions around the world, including the United States, Canada, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. The movie already premiered in North America on March 21, and it is set to hit Asian theaters by April.

The movie has also been invited to screen at the 2019 Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) Spring Showcase, set to take place from April 5 to 14 at the Regal Dole Cannery Theaters in Honolulu. The Spring Showcase is a small festival held ahead of the actual HIFF in November. A total of 30 films have been invited from 13 different countries.

“Money,” a crime flick directed by Park Nu-ri, revolves around a rookie stock broker Jo Il-hyeon (Ryu Jun-yeol) who dreams of becoming filthy rich. But he does not fare well at his company and is instead faced with endless struggles. That’s when he meets a mysterious man nicknamed Beonhopyo (Yoo Ji-tae) who offers him a dangerous and illegal deal to become rich.

By Yeo Ye-rim