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OB beer prices rise for first time in more than 2 years

Mar 27,2019
OB is upping the price of its beers by more than 5 percent, the company said Tuesday. The increase will go into effect from next month.

OB will raise the factory price of beers, including Cass and Cafri, by an average 5.3 percent starting on April 4. This means the price of a 500-mililiter (16.9 ounce) Cass will increase 56 won ($0.05) to 1,203.22 won.

This marks the first time OB raised the factory price of its beers in two years and five months.

The last increase was in November 2016.

“It is inevitable considering the overall business conditions, such as the increased price of core materials and management costs,” said an OB press officer.

“Though pressure is growing from the rising cost, we minimized the increase rate considering consumer burden.”

By Jin Min-ji