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Hyundai Motor starts early marketing on new SUV

Mar 28,2019
Hyundai Motor teased its new sports-utility vehicle (SUV) model and named it the “Venue” prior to unveiling the vehicle in the United States next month.

The Korean automaker released a teaser photo of the back of the new SUV model along with a statement Wednesday. Calling it an “entry SUV,” Hyundai gave the soon-to-be-released vehicle its name to appeal to younger consumers.

The automaker said the name will allow drivers to think of places they want to go or life goals they want to achieve in using the vehicle.

The Venue is smaller than the automaker’s small-sized Kona SUV, adding to Hyundai’s growing list of SUVs, such as the recently released Palisade.

“We thought it would be appropriate to name our vehicle this way so that millennials can think of this car as a special place for them to have hopes and dreams,” a Hyundai spokesperson said.

Venue is going to be officially presented at the New York Auto Show on April 17.

By Ko Jun-tae