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SPC Group appoints leaders to face intense competition

Apr 02,2019
Hwang Jae-bok
The SPC Group appointed new leaders with the goal of raising 20 trillion won ($17.9 billion) by 2030.

Hwang Jae-bok, who served as a vice president of Paris Croissant, has been appointed as its chief executive officer (CEO). Hwang has been working for SPC since 1987 in finance, human resources and sales. Paris Croissant runs the bakery franchise Paris Baguette and Caffe Pascucci.

BR Korea, which operates Baskin Robbins, appointed Kim Chang-dae as the CEO. Kim has worked for various group affiliates.

“We made the appointments to pursue innovation following the rapidly changing external environment and the intensifying market competition,” said a press officer for SPC.

By Jin Min-ji