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Britain’s Typhoo Tea now sold at Homeplus

Apr 04,2019
Typhoo Tea, one of Britain’s best-loved black tea brands, is now available at Homeplus. [HOMEPLUS]
On March 26, Homeplus announced that it will release Typhoo Tea in a variety of flavors, including black tea and milk tea.

Typhoo Tea is one of four major tea brands in the United Kingdom, the home of black tea and milk tea. Typhoo has blended famous black teas such as Kenya and Assam in a unique way to intensify the sophisticated and deep flavors of teas.

Typhoo is available in a package of 80 tea bags for 3,900 won ($3.43) and 240 tea bags for 9,900 won, so the price per tea bag is less than 50 won. While other products contain less than 2 grams of tea in black tea bags, Typhoo contains 2.9 grams of tea per tea bag for a richer flavor.

In addition, stickers with pictures to guide tea preparation are attached to the outer surface of the products to provide a variety of ways to enjoy the teas. Consumers can enjoy hot or cold black tea and milk tea based on their preference.

“Typhoo used to be available only on foreign websites, but now consumers can purchase it easily at Homeplus stores nationwide,” said Na Jeong-min, a product buyer at Homeplus. “We hope consumers enjoy the original flavors of black tea and milk tea from Typhoo.”