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Korean Air President Cho Won-tae appointed chairman of Hanjin Group

Apr 24,2019
Cho Won-tae
Cho Won-tae, son of late Hanjin Group chairman Cho Yang-ho who died in Los Angeles earlier this month, has been appointed the new chairman of Hanjin Group on Wednesday. He is also the president of Korean Air.

The decision was made at a board meeting of Hanjin Kal, the holding unit of Hanjin Group, on Wednesday. The group decided not to hold a separate inauguration ceremony.

"We hope to shorten the length of the leadership vacuum through the appointment and also to stabilize the group's management," the Hanjin Kal board said in statement.

Cho is both chairman of the board at Hanjin Kal and chairman of Hanjin Group, an honorific title given to the member of a chaebol’s owner family that runs the group.

Cho said he will inherit the "management vision shared by previous chairs of the group and help the company grow further" at the board meeting after his appointment.

As he takes on his father's role, the new chair will also be the host of the International Air Transport Association's Annual General Meeting to be held in Seoul in June, Hanjin said.

BY KIM JEE-HEE [kim.jeehee@joongang.co.kr]