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Na Cheol’s relatives sue film studio

Apr 26,2019
Descendants of Korean independence activist Na Cheol (1863-1916) announced on Thursday that they filed a lawsuit against film production company Filmmaker R&K for altering a photo of Na without permission in the film “Svaha: The Sixth Finger.”

The group stated in their announcement that “[The company] should immediately halt all film screenings and make a truthful confession about their intention and process of morphing Na’s face into a pseudo sect-leader.”

In the film, Na’s photograph was used to create a picture of a pseudo sect-leader played by actor Jung Dong-hwan.

Although the company has issued an apology, Na’s relatives argued that it was not enough and demanded further compensation.

If Filmmaker R&K refuses their request, the relatives said that they would “continue to fight [for Na’s honor] because [the company] purposefully insulted and defamed Na due to its fascination with a certain aspect of religion. Therefore, [they should] rightfully face legal responsibilities [for their actions].”

By Lee Jae-lim