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KT website spells out the number of 5G base stations

Apr 26,2019
KT detailed the exact number of 5G base stations it operates by region Thursday after receiving enquiries about the network’s coverage since commercialization of the high-speed network began earlier this month.

The mobile carrier had been operating a website with a map of its 5G network, but it didn’t show how many base stations were in each region.

According to KT, it has a total of 30,348 base stations nationwide offering 5G service. The carrier said about 6,000 more base stations have already been set up but are awaiting government approval. Of the operating base stations, Seoul had the largest number (12,273) and Jeju the least (162).

KT also coded the map to show which manufacturer’s equipment was used. According to the data, KT used Samsung Electronics’ equipment in greater Seoul, Gangwon, South Chungcheong and South Gyeongsang, and Ericsson-LG equipment in North Chungcheong and North Gyeongsang.

KT promised to be more transparent about its 5G services by constantly updating its online 5G coverage map.

By Kim Jee-hee