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Producer Boycold releases first EP

Apr 30,2019
Music producer Boycold dropped his first EP “Post Youth” on Monday, Sony Music Entertainment announced.

The seven-track EP is filled with songs written and produced by the artist himself and marks the first time the singer has released an album of his own.

The EP is filled with a star-studded cast of featured artists, including rapper The Quiett and band Car, the garden, who appear on the lead track “5(five),” as well as rappers pH-1, Sik-K, Leellamarz and Jamezz.

Boycold is one of the most promising producers in the Korean music scene and is behind hip-hop hits like “Puzzle” (2016) by C Jamm and “Good Night” (2018) by Haon.

Physical copies of the EP go on sale today.

By Yoon So-yeon