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SK Innovation video gets 60 million views in 55 days

May 07,2019
SK Innovation said Monday that its public relations campaign video uploaded online has attracted 60 million views as of May 2, 55 days since the video’s launch in March.

Its advertisement emphasizes that innovation is closer to home than people think. The oil refiner’s renting out of idle space at its gas stations to a parcel delivery start-up and making of fast-charging batteries for electric cars are featured in the ad.

The company is planning to donate money in proportion to the number of times its online public relations video is viewed to protect mangrove forests in Vietnam. The move is in line with the memorandum of understanding the company signed with the Vietnamese government and the United Nations Environment Programme in May last year to help restore mangrove forests, often dubbed the “green lungs” of Asia.

By Kim Jee-hee