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GS Caltex to install eight rapid EV chargers in Seoul

May 10,2019
GS Caltex announced Thursday that it will install eight 100-kilowatt rapid electric car chargers at seven of its directly-managed gas stations in Seoul.

According to the oil refiner, its quick charger can charge 50 kilowatt-hours in 30 minutes. With 50 kilowatt-hours, an electric car can drive roughly 250 kilometers (155 miles), from Seoul to near Daegu, the company said.

While quick chargers are necessary in areas with heavy traffic, it has been difficult to establish the charging infrastructure due to a lack of space and electricity supplies, GS said, adding its chargers will improve access for electric car drivers.

The chargers will be operated in a test-run for two weeks starting May 15. Commercial operation of the chargers will begin on May 28, after the test service.

By Kim Jee-hee