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Nongshim Kellogg launches protein-heavy granola line

May 15,2019
Nongshim Kellogg launched a new line of high-protein granola targeted at women in their 20s and 30s who aren’t able to eat the necessary amount of protein per day.

The company, which has Special K cereal under its arm, introduced two new types of granola last week. One is soy-based while the other uses berries and yogurts.

Protein is one of the most rapidly growing nutrients in the global food industry and Nongshim Kellogg’s latest products are part of the company’s efforts to lead the local market, according to a spokesperson from Nongshim Kellogg at a press event held in southern Seoul on Tuesday.

“Protein is a rapidly developing market in advanced countries like the United States,” said the spokesperson.

“The perception that protein is for people working out to build muscles still prevails in Korea, but we have seen a gradual increase in popularity of protein-related food over recent years, like protein bars. We hope to lead the trend by launching these new products.”

By Jin Min-ji