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Kang Dong-won comes to YouTube

May 22,2019
Fans of actor Kang Dong-won are counting down the days until the actor’s appearance on the reality program “Monotube” on YouTube this Saturday at 8 p.m.

“Monotube” is a reality show that is launching on YouTube filmed in the form of vlog. The channel ambitiously cast Kang as their first star to appear in the program.

Under the title “Kang Dong-won & His Friends, Viva L.A. Vida,” the channel will take viewers to Los Angeles where Kang has been living for over a year while working on a Hollywood film.

The show released a one-minute teaser showing Kang barefoot and comfortably walking along a beautiful beach while the sun sets. Kang’s fans are excited about the show, especially because the actor has long kept his distance from TV shows and entertainment programs.

His friends - such as actor Bae Jung-nam, musician Ju Hyung-jin, fashion designer Matsui Seishin and others - will appear on the show while they visit Kang in Los Angeles.

“[We’re going to] highlight aspects of Kang that have not been seen before,” the Monotube producers said. “There are more vlog series to come featuring celebrities who don’t often make appearances on TV shows.”

By Lee Jae-lim