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Weinstein still facing defamation

May 27,2019
The tentative $44-million settlement involving Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct allegations won’t drop the curtain on all lawsuits filed against the movie mogul, some of his accusers said Friday.

Ashley Judd, the first A-list actress to speak publicly about Weinstein’s alleged pattern of predatory behavior, said in a Twitter post she’s still full-steam ahead with her defamation claim against the disgraced producer.

“My lawsuit is ongoing and I intend to take #harveyweinstein to trial,” she tweeted.

Judd opened the floodgates for scores of accusers when she revealed that Weinstein lured her to a suite of the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel under the guise of a business meeting in the late ’90s and accosted her.

She said Weinstein stripped naked without warning, proposed they engage in massage and asked her to watch him shower - advances she rebuffed.

Judd claims Weinstein later defamed her to “Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson as retaliation. She says the trash-talking hurt her career because Jackson was considering her for a major role in the “Rings” franchise but removed her from consideration because Weinstein unfairly branded her a “nightmare.”

Jackson revealed in a December 2017 interview that he dropped Judd “as a direct result” of “false information” he received from Miramax, the company Weinstein was running at the time.