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Tenga is all in Seoul Queer Festival

May 31,2019
Japanese adult product company Tenga will participate in the 20th Seoul Queer Culture Festival with a limited edition of the Rainbow Pride Cup, the company said Thursday.

“The Rainbow Pride Cup is a product Tenga has been manufacturing since 2017 to express our support and solidarity toward the sexual minority, and is sold across the globe,” Tenga said.

“This year, we will sell a limited amount of the product on Tenga Korea’s website and donate part of the income to organizations that support sexual minorities.”

According to Tenga, this year’s Rainbow edition of the product carries the message “Proud Alone, Strong Together,” and was inspired by the term Quiltbag, which means, “Queer and questioning, intersex, lesbian, transgender and two-spirit, bisexual, asexual and ally, and gay and genderqueer,” a term to cover all sexual minorities. The product uses six bright colors of the rainbow and is patterned to resemble a quilt texture.

Tenga will set up a booth on Seoul Plaza on June 1, the day of the Seoul Queer Parade, presenting various products, including the Pride Cup.

“Tenga will continue its efforts in showing our support and solidarity to everyone, so that they may enjoy a healthy and proud sexual life,” the company said.

By Yoon So-yeon