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Jin Air makes its jeans looser, allows crew to wear skirts

June 14,2019
Jin Air, the budget airline under Hanjin Group, said Thursday it will change its uniforms from July.

While the current uniform makes it mandatory for cabin crew to wear tight jeans, employees have complained that the tight outfit has harmed their health after long flight hours and that they don’t look professional.

The new uniform, designed by Korean designer Lee Ju-young, is still centered around jeans, but they’re now loser and more comfortable. Skirts area also now allowed.

The airline said it has increased air permeability and elasticity in the fabric it used to ensure more comfort for employees.

Scarves, woolen coats and cardigans were also added to the uniform lineup.

The airline opened up a meeting Wednesday to offer styling tips for the new uniform. Some flight attendants will start wearing the uniform from June 20 to test the outfit. All attendants will then switch in July.

By Kim Jee-hee