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[앵커브리핑] '유니바레…들통나다'

‘Unibarre…All is revealed’
Oct 26,2019
Broadcast on Oct. 21, 2019
Translated by Chea Sarah and Brolley Genster

뉴스룸의 앵커브리핑을 시작합니다.

This is today's anchor briefing.

"유니클로를 유니클로처럼 안 보이게 입는 방법" 혹시 들어보셨는지요? 정작 일본에서 유니클로란, 은근히 감추고 싶은 '저렴' 함으로 통용되어서… 유니바레, 즉 유니클로의 '유니'와 들통나다라는 의미의 '바레루'(ばれる)가 합쳐진 신조어마저 생겨났습니다.

Have you ever heard about ‘a way to wear Uniqlo clothing while trying to appear like you’re not wearing Uniqlo’? Uniqlo, in fact, is known as a ‘cheap’ brand among Japanese people that many try to hide…. Even a new word, ‘Unibarre’ -- a compound of ‘Uni’ from Uniqlo and the Japanese word ‘barreru’, which means to be caught -- has been coined.

*be caught: 들통나다

일본상품 불매운동의 한 가운데 자리했던 브랜드…"불매운동이 오래가지 못할 것"이라던 호언은 물론 희망 사항으로 끝났습니다.

The brand that was at the center of the boycott of Japanese goods… An executive at Uniqlo confidently said that the “South Korea boycott won’t last long,” but it turn out to only be an item on his wish list.

*boycott: 불매운동 *wish list: 희망 사항

"이러다 일본 망한다… 반일이 이해가 된다"
- 야나이 다다시/유니클로 창업자

“At this rate, Japan could be destroyed… I understand the Anti-Japanese sentiment of the Korean people.”
- The founder and owner of Uniqlo, Tadashi Yanai

뒤늦게 창업자까지 나서서 불을 끄고자 했지만, 감출 수 없는 속마음은 따로 있었던 것 같습니다.

The founder of Uniqlo belatedly tried to recover from the situation, but it seems like they had something different in their mind which cannot be hidden.

맙소사! 80년도 더 된 일을 기억하냐고? 의도가 있었든, 아니었든… 유니클로는 자신들의 속마음을 '바레' 즉 들켜버린 것은 아니었을까.

Oh my god, how can I remember what happened more than 80 years ago? Whether it was intentional or not… Perhaps the Uniqlo’s innermost feelings were revealed, which is a so called barre in Japanese.

*intentional: 의도적인 *innermost feelings: 속마음

'유니바레' 그 옷의 또 다른 특징은 상표가 외부로 도드라지지 않아서 겉만 봐서는 어느 상표의 옷인지 쉽게 알아차리기 어렵다는 점입니다. 그래서 한국의 소비자들 역시 그 점을 방패 삼아 하나둘 돌아올 것이라 기대했다면… 그것이 그들의 속마음이라 한다면… 그건 너무 잘 보이는 속마음이 아니었을까.

‘Unibarre’ Another feature of Uniqlo clothing is that the brand is difficult to be recognized by people because its logo cannot be seen from the outside. If they expected Koreans to still buy Uniqlo clothing using that feature as a shield… If that was their innermost feelings… Perhaps it was too obvious.

*feature: 특징 *label: 상표 *expect: 기대하다 *shield: 방패

그들은 소위 '혼네'라 하여 속마음을 감추는 것을 당연하게 여긴다 하지만… 마음이란 본디 숨길 수가 없는 것이어서 어떻게든 들통이 나게 되어있으니 말입니다.

The Japanese, by saying so-called Honne, take the action of concealing their true feelings for granted. But the human mind cannot be concealed. It is meant to be revealed somehow.

오늘의 앵커브리핑이었습니다.

That is all for today’s anchor briefing.