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[Sponsored Report] Benfobell has everything you need

Oct 31,2019
Chong Kun Dang’s Benfobell provides the total amount of vitamins that people need daily. [CHONG KUN DANG]
Products with high vitamin content are gaining popularity among consumers as they are now being touted as an effective way to relieve symptoms of fatigue.

The market is seeing exponential growth of over 30 percent annually and diverse products are being launched.

Health professionals suggest that before purchasing vitamin products, consumers should consider factors such as whether the vitamin is crucial for their health condition, whether it is concentrated enough and whether it contains active vitamins.

Benfobell contains nine types of vitamin B, UDCA, zinc, vitamin C, D, E, Coenzyme Q10, Inositol and other crucial ingredients in a single pill.

Benfothiamine, one of the main ingredients of Benfobell, is a greatly effective vitamin B1 substance that is effective in combating physical fatigue, eye fatigue and muscular pain.

The product is also effective in relieving symptoms such as glossitis, dermatitis, stomatitis, neuralgia and eczema.

UDCA is also very effective at helping the liver, while Coenzyme Q10 helps with anti-aging. Inositol lowers cholesterol levels in the blood and also helps improve concentration levels.

Consumers are encouraged to take one pill a day in order to fulfill their daily requirements of vitamins and the company has made the pill easier to swallow by making it smaller.

By Kim Seung-jun [kim.seungjun@joongang.co.kr]