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Emart introduces a steak in a box

Dec 26,2019
Peacock, an Emart private brand, introduced three frozen meal kits today. [EMART]
Emart’s Peacock private brand introduced three frozen meal kits to the market today. They are the first frozen meal kits ever to be rolled out in Korea, according to the retailer.

Meal kits are boxes filled with the right amount of fresh ingredients necessary to cook a dish. They are seen as an extension of home meal replacements, which include more processed foods.

Emart hopes to attract customers holding home parties. In the meal kits, steaks are packaged with vegetable garnishes and butter.

Each meal kit is for a single person.

According to Emart, the shortcoming of the meal kits is a short shelf life. Once bought, they have to be consumed within a week. Currently, most firms receive orders for meal kits online, so consumers have to wait at least a day to receive the package.

“Believing frozen meal kits are the alternative that could complement the weakness of the existing meal kit, we introduced the frozen meal kits after 10 months of preparation” said a spokesperson for Peacock.

The spokesperson added Emart will introduce a more diverse range of frozen meal kits.

BY JIN MIN-JI [jin.minji@joongang.co.kr]