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Shin Hae-chul biopic to come soon

Jan 03,2020
The life of late rock singer Shin Hae-chul is coming to the big screen, Acemaker Movieworks announced Thursday.

The movie will be made in collaboration with New Experiment Team, also known as N.EX.T, the band that Shin formed in 1992. The band is now a collection of artists and holds the copyrights to Shin’s songs.

Shin, known as the pioneer in experimental rock music in Korea, was nicknamed “Mawang,” or king of demons, by his fans for his charismatic performances on stage.

Shin was at a height of his fame when he died after a controversial stomach surgery in 2014. The court ruled the doctor who operated on Shin guilty of malpractice. The incident shocked the country and led to the enactment of a law to grant power to public organizations to investigate medical malpractice without consent of hospitals or doctors.

By Esther Chung