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Samsung Electronics starts to ship its DDR4 DRAM

Mar 26,2020
Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest memory chip producer, said Wednesday it has started shipping the industry’s first DRAM modules made using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology.

Samsung said it has shipped one million units of 10nm-class (D1x) DDR4 (Double Date Rate 4) DRAM modules that were produced with the technology.

“The new EUV-based DRAM modules have completed global customer evaluations,” the company said in a release. “EUV technology reduces repetitive steps in multi-patterning and improves patterning accuracy, enabling enhanced performance and greater yields as well as shortened development time.”

The Korean tech company is the first chipmaker to adopt EUV technology in DRAM production. The company said its EUV technology will be used in all of its future generations of DRAMs, starting with its fourth-generation 10nm-class (D1a) or highly advanced 14nm-class DRAM.

Samsung said it expects to begin volume production of D1a-based DDR5 and low power DDR5 next year.

To better cope with the rising demand for next-generation DRAMs, Samsung said it will start operations at its second semiconductor fabrication line at Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi, in the second half.