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Lovelyz announces second album release date

Feb 11,2017
Girl group Lovelyz is set to make a return with their second album “R U Ready?” this month.

The official comeback will be on Feb. 27. Additionally, the album is gaining hype after it was announced that the producing team 1Piece headed by singer Yoon Sang would return for the new group’s newest record.

Since their debut in 2014, the girl group has amassed a number of hit songs including “Candy Jelly Love,” “Ah-choo,” and “Destiny,” all of which were produced by 1Piece. The upcoming album will be the group’s first release in ten months. Their previous record “A New Trilogy” was released last April.

February is looking to be a month jam-packed with music releases by girl groups. In addition to Red Velvet and Wonder Girls, girl groups such as Twice, Gugudan, and now Lovelyz are joining the fray this month.

By Chung Jin-hong