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T-ara’s Jiyeon delays album after controversy

Feb 14,2017
Idol singer Jiyeon of girl group T-ara has delayed her planned solo album indefinitely.

Amid rumors of the outright suspension of the singer’s upcoming solo activities, her record label clarified that the plans were only being pushed until further notice.

“We didn’t announce a scheduled date in the first place,” said the company. “The album was still in the planning stages and its concept was still being discussed.”

Meanwhile, netizens have been suspecting whether the reignited bullying controversy involving former group member Hwayoung was to blame for the decision.

“Recently, the withdrawal of a former member unexpectedly became a big issue,” they admitted. “Although the delaying isn’t 100 percent due to the controversy, we didn’t want to be suspected of releasing the album using the publicity of the issue.”

Although the former T-ara member was originally portrayed as the supposed victim of the issue in 2012, a recent online post by an alleged former staff member that “can’t keep watching [Hwayoung] acting as a victim” provided evidence that questioned the former controversy.

By Chung Jin-hong