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On Si-woo calls out Lee Gook-ju over actions

Mar 21,2017
Actor On Si-woo has taken issue with comedian Lee Gook-ju, who recently revealed her intention to take action against malicious commenters, stating that Lee was not innocent when it comes to sexual harassment.

On Mar. 18, Lee took to her Instagram to upload a screenshot of offensive comments directed at her and wrote, “I won’t get hurt, but I won’t sit still. Just wait and see.” The comments were directed at Lee’s latest appearance on “We Got Married,” where celebrities act as newlyweds. Malicious commenters mocked Lee After the rapper Sleepy kissed Lee on the cheeks, taking to the internet to make fun of Lee’s weight and appearance.

After seeing the news, actor On said, “Do you feel bad that you’re mocked? Did you think about how male celebrities felt when you sexually harassed them publicly? You would’ve been sued numerous times for your behavior; you should be ashamed of yourself.”

On was referring to a number of times Lee has used comedy as an excuse to make inappropriate physical contact with male celebrities during television appearances.

By Kim Jung-kyoon