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Baekje and Silla relics found in five-story Pagoda

Apr 03,2017
Name: Reliquaries from the Five-story Stone Pagoda in Wanggung-ri, Iksan

Period: Unified Silla

Location: Jeonju, North Jeolla

Status: National Treasure No. 123

These relics were found in 1965 in the platform and the roofstone of the first tier of the pagoda during the course of repairing the five-story stone pagoda (National Treasure No. 289) in Wanggung-ri, Iksan, which is known as the site of the Royal Palace of the Mahan Dynasty.

The relics date back to a wide range of periods, i.e., from Baekje (18 B.C.-A.D. 660) to Unified Silla (668-935).

A bronze standing statue of Buddha with a mandorla (Buddhist halo of light) and pedestal, along with a ceremonial hand bell, was found from the eastern part of the hole on the top side of the platform.

The relics were securely contained in a double-walled reliquary.

The inner compartment of the reliquary containing the green glass sarira bottle has a lid inscribed with lotus bud and bead patterns.