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Zico, Dean to produce ‘Show Me The Money’

Apr 06,2017
Rapper Zico and R&B singer Dean have been confirmed as producers for the upcoming installment of Show Me the Money.

According to sources in the music industry, Zico and Dean will be featured as producers. This is the second season of the hip-hop audition program that will feature Zico as a producer, while it is first for Dean.

Zico is a member of boy group Block B, as well as a solo artist and a music producer. He was recognized early on in his career as an accomplished rapper, and has many hit singles such as “I Am You, You Are Me,” “Boys and Girls,” and “Yes or No.”

Dean burst on to the American music scene in 2015, where he debuted with “I’m Not Sorry” featuring Grammy winning artist Eric Bellinger. He was recognized in Korea as well, with his debut EP “130 mood: TRBL” winning many fans. “D” and “21” were hit records that took listeners in Korea by storm last summer.

The two are known to be close friends, and released a song together called “Bermuda Triangle,” along with R&B singer Crush.

By Kim Jung-kyoon