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A slice of paradise in Incheon : Resort and casino draws visitors looking for elegant experience

Apr 12,2017
(From top) Champagne maker Perrier Jouet decorates a section of Rubik bar at Paradise Hotel and Resort; there are separate bowling lanes for adults and children so that children can try smaller bowling balls on shorter lanes; the view of the hall connecting hotel guests to the Paradise Casino inside the Paradise Hotel and Resort. [LEE SUN-MIN, EDELMAN]
The main facade of Paradise Hotel and Resort, the resort part of Paradise City located about 1.1 kilometers (0.68 miles) away from Incheon International Airport. [EDELMAN]
The city of Las Vegas attracts millions of visitors a year from around the world looking for delicious food, non-stop shopping, grandiose stage shows and, of course, casino games that offer the gamblers the chance to win astronomical jackpots. Macau draws people from Southeast Asia with similar attractions. Korea now strives to carve its own space as a multi-purpose resort and casino destination for Northeast Asia.

Paradise City, a multi-complex facility with a resort, convention halls, a shopping area, an art gallery, not to mention a casino, is opening its doors next week on Yeongjong Island, Incheon, looking to allure both local and international travelers. Although shopping and its cultural offering won’t be ready until summer 2018, the complex’s resort, convention halls, and casino are ready to welcome anyone looking for a good time.

Before you get lost in the complex the size of 46 soccer fields, get better acquainted with the facilities that will soon be filled with entertainment options for families and art installations.

For art fanatics and Instagrammers alike, the resort has put around 100 works of art on display throughout the complex. The first thing one sees in the lobby of the resort is an iconic yellow pumpkin-shaped sculpture by Japanese artist Kusama Yayoi. Italian designer Alessandro Mendini has also contributed his talent and created a colorful chair, around four-meters (13-feet) high, that the hotel explained is a display of the resort’s will to cater to its customer’s needs and wants. Currently the chair is located inside the convention hall, but may later be moved outside. Almost every corner of the resort and convention hall is adorned with either a small or large painting or sculpture to create a gallery-like ambience.

Parents with children now have another option to make their weekends more fruitful. The hotel strives to be family-friendly and even set up a lounge specifically made to serve family with young kids so that business and family guests won’t get in each other’s ways. While the lounge service is available for an additional fee, the resort’s kid zone is open for all guests. It has set up colorful rooms for kids to run around in, and even the bathrooms in the kid’s zone are child-friendly with brightly-colored, down-sized facilities, so that youngsters can learn how to use the bathroom on their own.

After all of that play, where do adults go to relieve their stress? There is a bar named Rubik, which has three different floors. There are not only bar seats for those wanting to interact with the bartenders, but also tables in the hall and semi-private rooms for a more exclusive time with friends. There is a stage where live performances will be held. Two major alcohol companies, whisky maker Royal Salute and champagne house Perrier Jouet, have set up their own lounges to introduce their drinks. The whisky company has set up a more toned-down, calm bar area with dark walls, while the champagne house has set up a bright tasting area with yellow and green accents.

For those looking to be the first ones to experience what the resort has to offer, the resort has set up five different packages especially for the resort’s opening. The cheapest one for two is 220,000 won ($192) excluding tax, and the opening promotion is available until June 22. To get more information about Paradise City and its facilities, call 1833-8855 or go to www.p-city.co.kr.

The long-awaited casino will be open to non-Korean guests. It has 450 machines and tables for international guests who wish to gamble, and has also set up private rooms and more secluded area for VIPs wishing to place higher bets. There is also a separate entrance for VIP customers who want privacy. Despite current frictions with China and its ban on group travel, Paradise City expects to set up packages and services to appeal to individual travelers.

The variety of other entertainment options, such as the shopping area Time Plaza; Wonder Box, a game room for parents with children; Chromite, a night club; and Cimer, a spa facility, will come next year. With the opening of the night club next year, the company hopes to earn its name as a party and nightlife destination - hoping to become Asia’s Ibiza, a Spanish island known as a vacation destination.

BY LEE SUN-MIN [summerlee@joongang.co.kr]