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IU to sue man who compared her to a dog

Apr 13,2017
Singer-actress IU plans to sue a man who has made derogatory and suggestive comments toward the star on YouTube videos, her agency said Wednesday.

Fave Entertainment said in a statement that the YouTube user, referred to as “A” by the company, “habitually made comments slandering and personally attacking IU.” The company plans to file a legal complaint against “A” by Friday.

The person in question has repeatedly uploaded derogatory and suggestive diatribes against IU, comparing the singer to a pet dog. Amid backlash from IU’s fans, the man claimed that he’s a die-hard IU fan who just happens to enjoy vulgar jokes.

A representative at Fave Entertainment said the company will pursue legal action regardless of his apologetic message and also “react to other internet users who post vicious comments.”

Last November, 11 internet users were sued by IU for defamation and issued fines in a court ruling.